Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Focus Retrospective

It's May. Did you know that the Friday Focus feature began last May? That's right, this month both the Friday Focus and my blog turn 1 year old. Time flies when you're having fun! In the past year I've had 44 amazing crochet designers and artists visit us on Illuminate Crochet. It's been really interesting collaborating with so many talented people. I am so thankful to each of them for taking time out of their busy lives to be a part of my feature. In order of appearance, here is a list of all of the Friday Focus designers who joined us this year as well as what they specialize in (though they often do much more).

Britni Husband - amigurumi
Rose Langlitz - food amigurumi
Carol Ventura - tapestry crochet
Tamara Kelly - accessories, home, baby
Heather Sonnenberg - baby, amigurumi
Joyce Lewis - afghan blocks
Dendennis - amigurumi
Stacey Trock - stuffed animals, baby
Jess Rollar - amigurumi
Elizabeth Ann White - doilies, home
Susan Lowman - home, accessories
Jade Red - accessories, clothing
Trish - clothing, amigurumi, accessories
Gabriele Meyer - hyperbolic art
Justine Gerns - microcrochet
Aeron Aanstoos - ocean amigurumi
Joy Koestner - amigurumi 
Ann D. Angelo - amigurumi
Renate Kirkpatrick - freeform crochet
Lucy Ravenscar - amigurumi
Aaron Matthew - hats
Sonja van der Wijk - amigurumi
Maja Masar - baby
Liz McQueen - hats
Kathy Clark - accessories, home, clothing
Lara Mouttham - nerdy hats and wristwarmers
Norma Lynn Hood - food amigurumi
Sarah Moss - accessories
Lee Mac - tapestry portraits 
Jen Atchison - accessories
Joyce Overheul - amigurumi, hats
Danielle Kassner - colorwork
Maggie Weldon - home, kids, baby
Jean Herman - amigurumi
Vendula Maderska - amigurumi, accessories, appliques 
Tammy Hildebrand - clothing, home, accessories
Maya Kuzman - accessories
Regina Rioux - home, accessories
Stace Clement - hats
Jenn Wolfe Kaiser - accessories 
Marken - baby, hats
Twinkie Chan - accessories, home, amigurumi 
Carol Wolf - clothing, accessories

Oh man, I am so excited about today's post! I've been keeping an exciting secret for a while and now I finally get to share it with you! I am going to be shaking things up on Illuminate Crochet this year. This month I am unveiling a new feature: Remix Friday!

Here's the story behind Remix Friday. I've had such a fun time interviewing designers. However, for every designer there are about a gazillion hobby crocheters out there who are making amazing things as well. I really want to take the time to appreciate all creative crochet folks, not just designers. Remix Fridays will showcase finished objects by everyday crocheters that go above and beyond the patterns with additions or complete revisions. You're going to love what I've lined up! I hope these Remixed objects will inspire you to make patterns your own and try new things. If you love the Friday Focus, don't worry! I'll still be featuring a designer on the last Friday of each month.

Great things are happening here on Illuminate Crochet. Thanks for reading! 

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