Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boxed Shell Scarf

I've been doing a lot of pattern designing and present making these past couple of weeks. Obviously I could crochet all day every day, and often do, but sometimes I need a little change from the pattern I'm working on so that I can keep up my enthusiasm. I decided to take a quick break from my current large project to work with some delightful yarn that's been calling my name. Remember that Crystal Palace Chunky Mochi in Blueberry Pancake? Here's what I did with it.

I used an 8mm hook to make a scarf. I didn't have much of the yarn, only about 150 yards, so I also chose an open stitch pattern, the boxed shell stitch. The two row repeat is simple yet attractive. I used a stitch dictionary to create my scarf, but there is a good tutorial available on YouTube.

It was fun to make something for myself for a change. My new scarf is so plush and yummy. As all of you crocheters out there prepare for the holiday season, I hope you take some time to make presents for yourselves as well.

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