Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Much for Stash Busting

I am really proud of my progress this year in terms of stash busting. I've successfully fought the urge to buy yarn unless I had scoured my stash for something remotely suitable for the project and come up empty handed. I've used up gifted yarn that was difficult to work with or in colors that I didn't care for. Although I didn't use up all of the yarn I had, I estimate that I used about half of what I started with. I'm not a true stasher to begin with - I don't put my yarn in crannies all over the apartment as some folks like to do - so I consider using up half of a modest yarn stash to be a success. In addition, almost all of the yarn that I have leftover is spoken for by one of my upcoming projects. Yes!

The other day on r/crochet I came across a post that pointed to a Craftsy yarn sale. Not intending to buy anything, I opened Craftsy in a new tab to casually peruse the sale... an awesome sale... a sale where everything was like 70% off... a sale that included my favorite yarns... a sale that resulted in skeins that are usually $9 becoming $2... Uh oh. Warning, stash busting resolve compromised! Because I have been so good and have tackled some other tasks I wasn't keen on in addition to my yarn frugality, my kind husband decided to treat me to some yarn! He's so good to me. Joy of joys! Here are my beautiful spoils. I'll leave you to guess what future patterns shall arise from my pretties.

A box at the door! I wonder what could be inside... Let's slice this thing open and take a look!

Yarn, glorious yarn! Let us bask in your softness and gleaming potential!

First we have four skeins of Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran in pink. This is my favorite yarn. It really balances quality with price. It's normally about $7 a skein, but I got it for a steal thanks to the sale! So soft, so lovely.

Here's three skeins of Cascade Cherub Aran in red.

More Cherub Aran! This time in black.

These three skeins of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton will be used well. 

 Lion Brand Vanna's Choice is my favorite discount yarn. It's 6mm so it's great for large projects. The sale price for a bag of three skeins was less than the normal price of one!

 I needed a lot of it for an upcoming project so I really lucked out! Here's some more.

And finally we come to the pièce de résistance... Crystal Palace Chunky Mochi in "Blueberry Pancakes". This is the first time in a very long time that I have bought yarn simply because I thought it was pretty. 

Merino wool and nylon blend. Ahhh. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but it's going to be something for myself. It's so prettyful that it deserves a second picture. 

All of my stash busting actually left me with enough room in my yarn drawers to fit all of my new acquisitions. Hurray! They won't be there for long, though. As crazy as it sounds, all of the yarn you see here will end up being used in the next three months. Can you guess what it's for? Keep an eye out these next few weeks to see if your guess was a good one!

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