Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Family Crochet Appreciation

I have so many talented friends in my Rainy Sunday Knitters group. Vicki, one of my good friends, recently brought in and shared a lovely tablecloth that her grandmother had made. Take a look!

It was quite large and I wanted to be respectful, so I didn't unfold it all the way. The tablecloth looked to be made of motifs in a join-as-you-go style. Vicki said her grandmother, who lived almost 104 years, made a tablecloth for each granddaughter. Wow! Her grandmother made the tablecloths out of different brands of cotton thread that she happened to collect and then tea-stained the finished projects to give them a uniform color. How neat! Just look at those stitches... her grandmother had perfect tension.

Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

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