Friday, May 22, 2015

From the Source Friday: Mini-Review

The fourth Friday of every month is From the Source Friday! Show your appreciation to these dedicated fiber farmers as they teach you all about where your yarn comes from.

So far we've had several animals featured here this year. We've had...


and Bison

What animals and plants would you like to see featured here for the rest of the year? I have several ideas in mind, but I thought I'd give you the opportunity to request certain fibers :) What are your favorite natural fibers? Let us know in the comments. Also, next week's feature is a Freebie Friday. The prize may or may not be something related to natural fiber...


  1. It's a bit exotic but musk ox hair makes a wonderful yarn (qiviut). And baby musk ox(en?) can be so adorable.

    1. Indeed! I've been working to get a musk ox farmer to interview because I also think that would be interesting :) Yay for adorable fiber animals!


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