Monday, July 8, 2013

Amber Bee Bag

I have so many pattern ideas in my head that it feels like it could explode. It seems like I can't finish my projects fast enough because there is always another awesome plan waiting in the wings! Writing this purse pattern was extremely satisfying because it came out exactly as I had imagined it. I present to you my Amber Bee Bag.

I opted to leave the pattern plain and simple so that folks can add whatever embellishment they'd like to their bag. The pansy pictured as an example is based off of this free pattern, but the pattern was so difficult to follow that I just made most of it up. It might also be cute to attach a costume pin to this bag.

I named this pattern the Amber Bee Bag after my best friend, Amber B. Be on the lookout for more patterns named in honor of my friends and family.

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