Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Focus: Jess Rollar

Man, I have had an incredibly busy week. I have been helping to plan an event that I can't wait to re-cap for you as Monday's post. Many things have been accomplished and many cups of coffee have been consumed. But ya know, it just wouldn't be Friday without our Friday Focus, so I made sure to dedicate some quality time to the delightful Jess. Her designs are very unique and creepy-cute, with a splash of color thrown in. Let's shine a light on Jess and her brand, Milky Robot!

Who taught you to crochet? How long have you been doing it?
I have been doing crochet since late 2010. I am 100% self taught! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and then just went at it. I tried for many years but it just never clicked with me until one day out of the blue.

Why do you crochet?
To me, crochet is very mindless and relaxing. I use crochet mostly for plush making and it helps me get my ideas made more accurately than knitting.

Crochet Favorites
Love the book Hello My Name is Amineko! My favorite yarn to crochet with is Dream in Color, it's so squishy and nice! I also love super cute crochet markers, I tend to just buy zipper pulls with the clasps and they work great!

What are you working on right now? What is your next project?
I'm actually getting ready to work on a ton of plush for my Indiegogo campaign rewards. I'll be sketching up some new amigurumi monsters in a couple weeks and diving in!

A few finished objects...

What I love about Jess is that her work is unlike anything I've ever seen before. There are only so many crochet stitches and shapes out there and it just amazes me how people like her can imagine something so different from what is already available. Look at those details! 

I recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to get my plush back in business! I am in need of new supplies so thought I would reach out to my friends and fans. I have been making plush since 2010 and love every minute of it! There are some awesome funding rewards that include plush, patterns and prints! The campaign will continue on till the end of July! You can check it out here

There are only five days left to claim rewards for her campaign, so check it out right away if you're interested. Thanks for sharing your interesting plushies with us, Jess! I think my favorite one is third row down all the way to the right. Didn't you know that severed head has always been my favorite flavor? ;)

You can find Jess and her work on her website, her blog, Facebook, and Etsy. Have a great weekend!

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