Monday, September 23, 2013

Design Seeds

A bad color combination can totally kill an otherwise awesome crochet project. I cringe when I see a finished object that was obviously made with love and skill but is hideous because it is chartreuse, neon pink, and burnt orange all together. Or electric blue with variegated camo-print and crimson.

Likewise, an awesome color combination can really make your hard work shine. If you need extra help picking out colors, read on. I'd like to introduce you to an awesome palette tool: Design Seeds. This website has page after page of delightful color combinations to inspire you and assist you with your next project, crochet or otherwise. You can even search for a particular color using the palette search feature. Here are a few palettes that I find pleasing. Please note that all palettes were created by Design Seeds. Links are provided.

You'll notice that matching any number of colors within the same palette creates a desirable combination. I love that many of the arrangements on the site are inspired by nature, the original color combiner. These palettes inspired me so much that I tooled around a bit and created my own from a picture I took. What do you think? I'll call it "dahlia design". Not as good as the professional palettes, but I had fun!

What are your favorite color combinations? Do you have special tips for color selection? Let us know in the comments.

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