Monday, September 30, 2013

Ribbed Cap

I love Crochet Geek! The videos on her YouTube channel are clear, well-narrated, and she always includes a written pattern along with the video. If you haven't checked her out yet, now is your chance. Today I want to talk about the ribbed cap that I made following this video and pattern. She calls it a "cable cap", but it is really more of a ribbed cap because it does not have true cabling on it. You can do cabling with crochet, it just wasn't done this time.

I loved this pattern because once I got started it moved very quickly. Gotta love a finished object that looks more complex than it really is! Don't spill the beans to people who don't crochet *wink*. If you haven't tried around the post crochet yet, this would be an excellent pattern to start with.

The hat turned out totally yummy and cushion-y. It is also more flexible that other hats patterns I have tried which makes it the perfect gift for someone whose head size is somewhat of a mystery to you. As you can see, I elected to leave off the cuff. I liked the look of the hat so much already that I didn't want to change it! However, this pattern was so enjoyable that I will most likely make it again in the future, perhaps including the cuff. Once you are confident that you have your basics down, don't be afraid to alter patterns. It may not always work out right the first time, but it is important to develop your own personal preferences and style if you are making crochet a lifetime hobby. As you read this blog you will notice that I often alter at least one part of most patterns I follow, even if it is something as small as using a magic circle instead of a chain.

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