Friday, May 23, 2014

Remix Friday: Mommy and Me Divine Hats

When it comes to making a project your own, a simple change can make a big difference. Perhaps you'll work up a shell border instead of a ruffle border on a baby blanket. Maybe the amigurumi dinosaur you're making needs wings to make it a dragon. Whatever the change, small alterations can make a project feel totally new and personal. Today we're going to look at how Katrina's simple changes to a much loved hat pattern make it special for two happy recipients.

The Crocheter
When I needed a screen name, my husband dubbed me his PearlofGreatPrice and it seemed to fit my yarn related interests so I go by Pearl when talking knit and crochet.
Crochet was a second language my Mother taught me when I was 8 years old.  She had learned it from a friend's mother when she was a little girl.  No one else around us showed any interest so it was our special bond that we shared and loved for many many years and passed on to my daughter when she wanted to learn.  It was through crochet that I found much needed comfort and closeness to my Mother when she went on to her reward in glory.  Now when I see my Granddaughter wrapped in or wearing something I made for her from what I learned at my Mother's knee, I can feel her love enveloping us both in every stitch and that makes me smile inside and out.

The Original Pattern
Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold

The Story
The Divine Hat was a little miraculous answer to prayer.  Wanting to make a matching Mother+Daughter hat, I asked which was their favorite.  My Dear Daughter-in-law showed me one someone else had made and the baby had already outgrown.  She enthusiastically said she really wanted a larger one but I had no clue where to find the pattern.  One day I happened to be on Ravelry looking up projects made with a yarn from my stash and low and behold there was the Divine Hat Pattern! 

The Remix
I made the first one according to the pattern in the baby size, but realized I wanted to give it more depth so I added some extra rows in the next one.  Both the original hat and the first one I made seemed too snug with the front and back post stitching at the head band so I switched over to single crochet in rounds so it would have a little more give.   Then for the matching set I added several rows to the body of the adult sized hat so it could also be worn back like a slouch hat or pulled down snug.  For extra versatility there's room to fold up a cuff with the 12 rows of single crochet in the round (it's also a smoother finish without slip stitch joins).  For fun, I added my favorite crochet flower, Frothy Layered Flower by Ali Burdon, with a pin on the back so it can be placed in different positions according to the way the hat is being worn.

Note: All pictures belong to PearlofGreatPrice.


Crochet is... Creativity, Compassion and Comfort.

You can usually find me at for those who knit and crochet.  One visit and you'll probably be calling it your on line home too.

What a fun twist on a hat pattern I totally love. What small changes have you made to patterns to make them your own? Thank you so much for joining us today, Katrina!

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