Friday, August 22, 2014

Crochet in Downeast Maine

Sorry, no Remix Friday today :/ I haven't mentioned this before because it isn't terrible productive, but I do want to say that while it's usually a complete joy to connect with other crocheters and designers it's sometimes difficult as well. There are some occasions when a commitment someone has made to me falls through and it makes my job a bit harder. Today was one of those times. I suppose the thing I should take away from these moments is a resolve to be as easy to work with and as reliable as possible when it's my turn to make commitments. Stay tuned, there are many other awesome Remix Friday and Friday Focus posts on their way in coming weeks! In the meantime, here's a crochet sighting.

Alex and I recently took a trip across the country to Maine for a wedding. The rehearsal dinner was a low-key affair in a vacation cabin with lovely views of the forest and ocean. While we were there I noticed this crochet valance. When I told everyone it was handmade, they didn't believe me at first! It's true, though. While some machines can mimic the look of crochet (you may have seen mock-crochet edgings on the necklines of tops and dresses like the one I'm wearing below), true crochet cannot be done by machine.

Cool, huh? Also, this post would not be complete without a giant blueberry. Yes, a giant blueberry! I didn't know this but Maine is apparently an important blueberry location. We visited a super fun tourist attraction called Wild Blueberry Land. The inside of the main building had blueberry flavored/themed everything. We got some blueberry coffee, blueberry taffy, and blueberry soda. The complex had other things to do as well, like a blueberry-themed mini-golf course. If you're ever in downeast Maine, go have a look :)

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