Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Zealana Luxuria Air Marle Yarn

Today I'll be reviewing Zealana Luxuria Air Marle Yarn. Disclaimer: I received this complimentary skein of yarn in exchange for a review. I am not being paid to write this review and everything shared here is my real opinion.

It's not everyday that one gets to play with a yarn that boasts a cashmere, silk, possum blend. I feel really special to be reviewing it! Also, I'd never tried possum before now so that was a treat.

This yarn is hand wash only due to the specialty fibers it's made of. The color I received is A899, which is a nice teal. The weight is DK and the skein is small at just over 120 yards. Since this yarn is from Zealana's Luxuria collection, it bears noting that this truly is a luxury yarn, priced at about $46 a skein. I know, that's quite a bit isn't it? I wondered how that price point could be justified given the yardage, so I began to play with the yarn.

The first thing I noticed was how solid the yarn felt as I worked with it. I've experimented with a few other luxury yarns, each of which felt a bit delicate in my hands and demanded special treatment. The label says "durable" and it really means it. When I changed my mind about a design choice and frogged a few rows the yarn pulled free very easily. It was comforting not to worry about harming the precious fiber. Despite this, the yarn is quite soft and has a lovely halo.

Here's my conclusion. Luxuria Air Marle isn't an everyday yarn, but then if it were it wouldn't be a luxury. It's lovely to work with and lovely to caress even though it does come in small amounts. I think the best use for this yarn is a small, special project. One could also give this yarn as a gift to a crocheter or knitter for a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday.

Are you ready to see my finished product? Here's what I decided to do with my single, precious skein.

It's a wrist warmer and headband set. If you've got a yarn this luxurious you want to feel it against your skin as much as possible, so I made sure to design something worn near one's hands. It's a decadent sort of project, therefore I've named it the Luxe Wrist Warmer and Headband Set. I have to mention one more thing about Air Marle... this yarn is warm! So very warm. Just the little bit around my wrists made my whole hand cozy. Even though it would cost a fortune, a sweater made out of this stuff would be most divine.

Interested in the pattern for the Luxe Set? Come back and visit this Wednesday when I'll be posting it here on the blog!

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