Friday, August 8, 2014

Remix Friday: Freeform Pillow

Hello, lovely readers! It's Friday once again and I'm so excited to show you this week's Remix Friday project. This remix was made by Akua Lezli Hope, a respected crochet designer and accomplished artist. Wait, you may say, I thought this was Remix Friday not Friday Focus! We're learning about a designer? Yes! Indeed. This remix is super special. Akua has crocheted a captivating object that was remixed from pieces of her own patterns. She incorporated aspects of nine different designs to make one awesome pillow. Cool, right?! It's got such magnificent texture. Check it out.

The Crocheter
I’m a creator who uses mainly fiber and words with a deep affection for glass, fire, and metal. I’m an award winning poet, a crochet designer, a handpapermaker, and the founder of a new paratransit nonprofit. When I was able bodied I also created kilncast, sandcast and flameworked glassworks. I just fell in love with straw and stick weaving and today my first peg loom arrived...
The Original Pattern
Lezli Paisley, Cat Spiral, Pretty Picot Paisley, Frost Flower, Swirling Square Motif, SunRays Shrug and more by Akua Lezli Hope

The Story
Every year Ravelry has a party for National Crochet Month and a group forms that sponsors a freeform crochet along where daily there is a new stitch or technique to try. This year I committed to finishing and making something for my home. Most of what I make is for others and my environment should share in the love. Why was my lovely yellow leather couch so bare? Well, no longer.

The Remix
Between the patterned motifs are total improvisation as well as an echoing effect that I call encasing, inspired by Ukrainian designer Lena Green. The motif is filled in and surrounded, making it easier to connect to other components and motifs. I like the echo encasing where the shape of the motif is replicated through ridged echoes.

Crochet is... creates profound joy

So sunny, so awesome! What a statement piece. Ready to learn more about Akua? Visit her on her blog, Etsy, and her website


  1. Thanks for including me and spreading the joy!

    1. You're welcome. So honored to have the opportunity to feature you!

  2. Love all the textures - so cool!

  3. What a wonderful design!
    What wonderful practical application!
    I made me smile just to look at this detailed work...
    Thank you for sharing, Akua!!

    1. I hope that others will take inspiration from Akua and try out their own freeform scrumbles.


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