Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crochet Short Story Series: A Hook's Tale

This is the first in a series of crochet-related short stories that I plan to write just for fun. I hope you enjoy it and that it brightens your day. Thanks! <3

The kind woman wasn't quite sure when she had lost it. It -- her favorite crochet hook -- the one she had found in her mother's basket when she was 9, the blue one with the scratched handle, tried and true 5mm... was lost. She had searched the folds of the couch. Her purse offered only crumpled receipts and gum wrappers. None of her project bags harbored the missing hook.  Who can go without a 5mm hook? No one, of course. With a sad sigh of resignation, she made a plan to visit the yarn store to pick up a new one the next day.

Across town, near the deli with the perfect pastrami that the kind woman enjoyed, a blue flash caught the freckled girl's eye. Being 3 she was quite close to the ground, and the blue hook in the crack of the sidewalk was in perfect snatching range. What was this thing? A magic wand? A strange worm? She'd better take it along. "Ok, let's cross the road now," said the happy father. The freckled girl and the happy father were on their way to the park for a fun afternoon. When they arrived and she saw the colorful playground, she got so excited that she forgot all about wands and worms and let the hook fall into the grass.

The lost dog was on his way home. After busting out of the back gate this morning he had gone on a wonderful adventure throughout the neighborhood. He'd run, he'd sniffed, he'd been petted by kind strangers in the park, and he'd marked all of the most important trees... but now he missed his person and his favorite stuffed duck. On his way home the lost dog spotted the hook. What a great stick! He picked it up in his mouth and continued on. Some time later, almost home, he saw a familiar face running towards him yelling his name. His person! He dropped the crochet hook in the street so he could fill the moment with happy barks and loving licks.

At 7:48pm the hook became lodged between the grooves of a truck tire. The truck belonged to the nervous man, on his way to a second date. The date was at 8:00pm and he didn't want to be late. The first date had gone so well! His palms were sweating on the steering wheel. Luckily, he reached the strip mall parking lot at 7:55. He saw another nervous man already seated at a table by the front window of the sushi restaurant. They smiled nervous smiles at each other. At 10:00pm (they had talked until closing time) the no-longer-nervous man reluctantly said goodbye to his date. He got in his truck to go home, already planning date three in his mind. When he drove away, the hook stayed behind in the parking lot. 

The kind woman was out of coffee, but it was just as well. She needed to get a new crochet hook today and a fancy coffee from the little cafe in the strip mall would be a nice treat on the way. She drove her down the hill, around the corner, and up the road. She reached the parking lot. On her way into the cafe she stepped on something hard. It couldn't be! It was her hook, the blue one, the one with the scratched handle! She'd know that hook anywhere, even though it had a few new scratches now. The kind woman laughed at the strangeness of finding her hook here. Could she have lost it when she met her co-worker for coffee? It must be so. Excited and relieved, the kind woman ordered a latte. She sat in a comfy coffeehouse chair, pulled some yarn out of her bag, and got to work with her hook right away.

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