Friday, September 12, 2014

Remix Friday: Ghadah Blanket

Crocheters, really fiber lovers in general, are some thoughtful and generous folks. I have seen so many crafters go out of their way to bring something special and personal to a handmade gift. When Mana made a blanket for a special baby she didn't stop at the pattern... she took it to a new level of awesome with this creative Remix.

The Crocheter
My name is Mana (Manahil, actually), and I’m 23 year-old, from Saudi Arabia. After graduating high school back in 2007, my aunt gifted me some crochet hooks and yarn, and I didn’t know the slightest thing there is to know about crochet back then. I asked her to teach me and she showed me the basics. Then, I pretty much did the rest on my own!

The Original Pattern
Personalized Baby Afghan by Kim Guzman 

The Story
I loved the pattern from the first time I had seen it on Ravelry, and I always thought it was too special to make it for just about any baby!

In August 2011, one of my closest friends, Ghadah, passed away in a terrible car accident. It was truly a tragedy! Then two years later, her sister who’s also a friend of mine, gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I know, and they decided to call her Ghadah after her aunt. It was the best news I heard, and right away, I knew that blanket was going to be made for her!

The Remix
I wasn’t too crazy about the heart border, so I decided to change it, but I wasn’t too sure of what else to make! I thought of afghan squares, and I had few designs in mind, but nothing really clicked, until I stumbled upon a picture of the Fantasy Blanket on Instagram, and I thought “yes, I want something like that!” also, the Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket was another pattern I took inspiration from.

Crochet is... I can’t think of three words, I can only think of one... ART! Crochet is art, to me.

What a kind and heartfelt gesture. The blanket is beautiful! Well done, Mana. You can connect with Mana as “manakhq” on Ravelry, Instagram and Pinterest. Happy Friday!

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  1. it's so cute !! I see the love for your died friend in this blanket !! I'm sure this little miss will love it because it's full of true love and babies feels that


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