Friday, September 19, 2014

Remix Friday: Tree of Life Stone

Crochet covers have been pretty popular lately. There are covers for jars, electronic devices, chapstick tubes, and more. But have you ever thought of crocheting a cover for... a rock? How creative! There are several really interesting patterns out there for dressing up stones and using them as classy home decor. Today's Remix takes this idea one step further. Rae made her rock overlay even more special by using wire and incorporating a tree shape. Let's have a look!

The Crocheter
"Oh what I know about myself isn't really worth telling. If you'll only let me tell you what I imagine about myself, you'll think it ever so much more interesting" - Anne of Green Gables
My name is Rae - an 'UpNorth' Girl, from Northern Wisconsin. My love for knitting and crocheting all began when as a small girl I would sit with my 'Gramma Great' and 'help' her knit socks. Gram knit many pairs of socks for her family and would even knit new feet onto the socks when the feet were beyond darning anymore. Gram also crocheted new mittens every winter for all of us. The men in the family would use their mittens as liners inside their leather choppers.
My son who is 30+ still has a small pair of knitted socks that Gram had knit for him when he was a small child. I have passed on crocheted baby blankets that Gram had made for my son to his children, my grandchildren, who never got to meet Gramma Great but her blankets got to hug them tight for her many years later. Gram was the first to introduce me to the basics of these handcrafts and here I am now many years later carrying on the tradition. Thanks Gram!

The Original Pattern
Lacy River Rocks by Margaret Oomen

The Story 
Several years ago I happened upon a blog, 'Resurrection Fern', and fell in love with the crochet covered stones of Margaret Oomen's. I was so pleased to see in 2009 that 'Crochet Today!' featured Margie and patterns for 3 stones designed by her. I immediately purchased that issue and got out a hook and some thread and dove right in. I was Hooked! My love of stones and crocheting with thread were a perfect match!
Since that time I have created many covered stone projects, including versions of Margies Merfish
I love to walk the shores of Lake Superior and find just the perfect stone!

The Remix
Why not wire? My Tree of Life Stone was my first attempt crocheting with wire. I had seen some beautiful wire crochet art while surfing the net and was very interested in giving it a try. I did a little research, found some tutorials, gathered supplies that were suggested and Voila! My Tree of Life Stone.
I used a 1.5mm hook and Artistic Wire 28 gauge in non-tarnish silver. I crocheted around the stone first and then cut shorter pieces of the same wire to begin creating the tree itself onto the front of the stone. The small piece of sea glass was given to me by a dear friend. I inserted the glass to represent green leaves among the branches.
So thanks to Margaret Oomen for sharing so generously I now have my own collection of covered stones with many given away as gifts to friends and family. So give it a try and you too will be on your way creating many variations of your own just as I have.

Crochet is...  Memories of Gram

Wow, look at all of those neat rocks! Crocheting with metal is a bit tricky, so props to Rae for doing such a lovely job. Beautiful tree! Interested in what other creative ideas Rae has to share? You can find her on Ravelry and Flickr. Thank you so much for sharing your project with us today, Rae!

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